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Welcome to Care Promotions.Com. My name is Michael Sabatino, President & CEO and I’m proud of my 16 years of executive marketing experience working for some of the top promotional companies in the country. With all this experience under my belt, I decided to invest in myself and start my own company. I welcome my existing clients and customers as Care Promotions is ready to serve you for all your promotional needs. We have thousands of promotional product ideas now and many more being added weekly! 

Care Promotions.Com specializes in customized, imprinted and personalized promotional product solutions with a focus on Celebrations, Awareness, Recognition and Events. We take pride in helping many types of businesses nationwide like Hospitals, Medical Practices, Dentists, Colleges, Schools, Fire Departments, Police and Sheriff Departments, Churches, Corporations, Retailers, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs by promoting their brand, building business, spreading awareness and providing promotional gift ideas for employee recognition.  

At Care Promotions we like to take your imprint to the next level by offering our optional exclusive stock designs that feature that special message of CARE that you can add to your imprint creating a Human Connection with your Customers, Employees, Patients, Members, Students, Parents and Community. When you order our products see our “Enhance Your Imprint” Stock design link that will open up a library of stock designs filled with creative Awareness and Recognition slogans that you can choose FREE of Charge.

What Makes CARE Promotions Different from the BIG Promotional Product Catalogers?

1-THE CARE EXCLUSIVE GIFT LINE:  We create our own exclusive stock and custom recognition gift sets like our Soup Mug Sets, Treat Cups, Garden Planter Sets and many other new and creative gift sets that are launching this coming Fall and Spring season! Most items are priced under $10!

2-MARKETING RESEARCH: Most of the big promo catalog brands that appear in your mail box are developed from what I call “Lazy Marketers”.  Most are too lazy to do marketing research. They take your business for granted…Trust me I have worked for them, Lobbied to help them, and I have relationships with most of the top companies and virtually none of them practice marketing research. Lots of these companies simply take wild guesses, pick products based on personal preference or if something looks pretty…with no real care or concern for you the customer and what your needs are. Research takes time and being a Care Promotions customer we take your opinion seriously. You will see e-mail and mail surveys asking you our customers to help us choose niche category products, slogans and designs to make sure we deliver consistently what you are looking for year after year. 

3-WE ACCEPT SMALLER ORDERS:  Larger promotional product companies only accept large orders leaving the small business and smaller department purchasers scrambling for unnecessary promotional order dollar minimums. Care Promotions accepts smaller orders and we will work with you to find a positive solutions no matter what the budget you have to work with.

4-LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE: Most companies make that claim…16 years of positive relationships with key promotional suppliers gives Care Promotions the same advantage as the big catalogers and e-commerce websites. I have passed that savings on to you…Fax or e-mail me any competitor offer and we will beat any price with personal service.