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Idea Guide

Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week was established to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire that began on October 8 and continued into the next day. Since 1922, Fire Prevention week has been observed during the week in which October 9th falls. According to the National Archives and Records Administration's Library Information Center, Fire Prevention Week is the longest running public health and safety observance on record.

Care Promotions can help you observe Fire Prevention Week with safety-oriented products including Fire Safety Giveaways, Fire Prevention Giveaways, Fire Safety Coloring Books, Fire Safety Pencils, Plastic Fire Hats, Kids’ Fire Hats, and other Fire Safety Kids’ Products. Support Fire Prevention Week in your community with our 2015 theme, “BEE The Fire Safety ‘IT’ Factor! Plan IT, Check IT, Prevent IT, Escape IT!” 

Use this Care Promotions Idea Guide to help plan your events.

May the Fire Safety Force Be With You.

Just like Jedi Warriors you have special powers. Use yours to develop a powerful fire safety plan. Make sure your plan includes fire danger warnings, checking smoke detectors and changing batteries if needed, checking fire extinguishers, designating fire exits, and planning escape plans. Share your plan with everyone in your business, organization, or facility.

Be the Safety Professor at Your Local School.

Children love to learn and they’ll carry your important fire prevention and safety lessons home with them. Give each student the Escaping Fire Danger Coloring Book and ask them to create original Fire Safety Escape Plan Posters using crayons, markers, or other arts and crafts materials. Reward the winner with a trip to the firehouse and lunch.

Teach Fire Safety as the Happy Bumble Bee.

Kids love friendly and colorful characters. Visit a school or after-school activity, dressed in bright yellow and black and teach children how to “Bee The Safety ‘It’ Factor! Plan IT, Check IT, Prevent IT, Escape IT!” After the lesson give each student a “Bee The Safety ‘It’ Factor! Plan IT, Check IT, Prevent IT, Escape IT!” Color Changing Heat Sensitive Pencil.

Combine Safety and Fun: Fire Prevention and Halloween.

Help children understand the dangers of fire and how to always practice fire safety. Visit schools, community centers, or other facilities and give children the Do Your Part Be Fire Smart Good Bag and delicious Chocolate Fire Hat. They can save the Goody Bag to collect more treats on Halloween and they won’t be fooled by fire danger.

Turn Your Firehouse into Fire Safety School.

Invite a class to your firehouse to learn and have fun. Divide the class into teams for a fire safety relay race that includes stop, drop, and roll; and crawl low and go. The children will love competing and will learn about escaping a fire. Take them on a tour of the firehouse, talk to them about everything firefighters do in the community, and reward each student with a “BEE The Fire Safety ‘IT’ Factor!” Color Pencil.

Plan a Community-Wide Fire Prevention Week Event. 

Partner with local schools, businesses, and organizations to make the entire community more aware of fire prevention and safety. Hold the event at a firehouse, community center, school, or park and invite local officials and dignitaries. Display fire engines and other fire safety equipment. Invite attendees to contribute to the community’s firehouse. Give everyone who attends a Fire Safety Prevent And Escape Bookmark or Flying Plastic Disc.

Reward Kids for Leaning About Fire Safety.

Visit schools or after-school centers and teach the children about fire prevention and safety. After the lesson have a ceremony promoting each child to Junior Firefighter. Gibe each boy and girls a certificate suitable for framing and a Patriotic Junior Firefighter Hat.