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Customer Service Week is October 2th-6th, 2023. What a great time to say thanks to these dedicated customer service, member services, patient services and all professionals that are the face of your business or practice, keeping your customers happy and satisfied. Let’s face it, exceeding expectations with customers, members, patients, and students is critical to your success. Care Promotions would like to remind you to celebrate, recognize and appreciate all of these individuals with our selection of low cost, budget friendly creative gift ideas that will motivate your team. Our newest theme for 2023 is We're Winning with Team Service! We still feature some of our most popular themes like and Customer Service: Awesome Team! Awesome Service! As always our most popular themes are still available:

Customer Service: Through & Through We Can Always Depend On You! Customer Service: You Make Every Moment a Chance To Shine!

When It Comes To Our Customer Service WE GOT THIS!

Service is Everything We Do & We Depend On You!

Our Customer Service Is On Fire!

Customer Service: Superheroes Answering The Call, We Thank You All

Customer Service: You Make a Difference In So Many Ways!

We offer so many products and theme choices to make your Customer Service Week special. Pick your theme and then simply pick most any product from our site and we can imprint that theme to make your Customer Service Week event unique.

Don't see what you're looking for? Give us a call at 1-855-801-CARE and we'll find the perfect branded appreciation gift for your employees.