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Let Care Promotions help you promote and implement a workplace wellness initiative with a vast selection of employee wellness promotional reminders, giveaways and incentives.

According to the CDC, your health is important wherever you go. And now that many people are spending most of their day sitting at a desk or inside an office, implementing health programs inside the workplace has become a vital piece of a healthy lifestyle.

Chronic diseases such as depression and hypertension are on the rise. They can lead to a decline in the overall health of employees in a workplace, contribute to an increase in health-related expenses for employers and employees, and lead to lower productivity and/or days of work missed. Many businesses have realized the benefits of health promotion, and to curb the costs of rising health care, offer workplace health programs to their employees.

Care Promotions can help you implement an employee wellness program featuring smart choices of promotional products, giveaways and incentives. Our selection includes kitchen products to promote health cooking, lunch bags and containers to encourage food portion control, fitness accessories to encourage exercise, and a series of educational brochures and pocket sliders on a variety of health and fitness topics. Imprint any of our products with your company logo to create a unique and low cost promotional giveaway.

Employee Wellness & Workplace Fitness Promotions

Shop our selection of promotional product ideas that will help you promote employee wellness in the workplace. Care Promotions features a variety of workplace wellness giveaways, reminders and incentives for your staff that will motivate them to live a healthier lifestyle. Imprint your health or wellness message on any product, distribute to your staff, and educate your employees about staying healthy at work and at home.