Celebration & Appreciation Idea Guide For Healthcare & International Housekeeping Week

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Celebration & Appreciation Idea Guide for Healthcare & International Housekeeping Week

Since 1981 Healthcare & International Housekeepers Week has honored the dedicated professionals who maintain healthy, clean, and safe environments in schools, health facilities, office buildings, hospitality locations, and private homes.

At times their efforts may go unnoticed or be taken for granted. That’s why International Healthcare & Housekeepers Week, September 13th to 19th, is the time to thank these individuals for making our lives comfortable and safe, and to tell them they are very much appreciated.

Care Promotions can help you celebrate Healthcare & International Housekeepers Week with special housekeeping week gifts, housekeeping recognition, and Housekeeping Week celebration ideas. Honor and thank your housekeepers with our 2015 themes, “Keep Calm: With Housekeeping We’re All In Good Hands” or “Housekeeping: We’re A Mess Without You!” or “Taking Pride In The Service We Provide.”

Random Acts of Kindness All Around.

Make Healthcare & International Housekeeping Week all about kindness all week long. Encourage employees, managers, guests, and residents to say “thanks” to the Housekeepers. Also encourage Housekeepers to do random acts of kindness for each other. When supervisors observe one of these, give a “You Deserve A Hand For Being So Grand!” Handy Highlighter to the giver for always giving a “helping hand.” and a “Keep Calm: With Housekeeping We’re All In Good Hands” Infuser Water Bottle to the recipient, with encouragement to play it forward.

Company Dessert Buffet.

Fancy dessert buffets are usually found at weddings, birthdays, and other parties. But that’s no reason not to have one in your facility’s lunchroom or break room. Send invitations to employees with when and where your buffet will be open. Include treats like cupcakes, chocolates, licorice, jellybeans, and more. Display treats in glass bowls, jars, and tiered plates for a sweet Healthcare & International Housekeeping Week.

Our Housekeepers Are Out of this World!

This star-studded theme shows your appreciation for Housekeepers and invites them to be creative. Tie into the most anticipated movie this year Star Wars Episode 7 or Star Trek or other sci-fi classics. Have housekeepers show off their best sci-fi treasures and supervisors will select the five best and give each of those Housekeepers a Horizon Travel Kit or Our Staff Shines Bright Star Clips for their travels on earth.

The Power of Positive Attitudes.

Select special gifts for on-the-spot recognition of your Housekeepers. Connect the gift to something great you’ve just seen them do. For example, give a “Housekeepers: Doing It ‘Write" & "Shining’ Bright!” Flashlight & Light Up Pen with Lanyardto someone whose positive attitude “always shines.” Or, for going above and beyond…Give a “We Can Always ‘Bank’ On You! Thanks For All You Do!” UL Flashlight Power Bank Set.

Spell It Out
Say thanks to your Housekeeping Staff with a “Housekeeping Word of the Day.” Come up with a positive word to go along with each letter of “CLEAN”—one letter and word for each day of the week.
C = Caring

L = Likeable

E = Energetic

A = Accomplished

N = Nice

Each morning, announce the special word and select several housekeepers who best exemplify that word to receive a gift, such as the “Housekeepers We’re A Mess Without You” Mop Topper™ Stylus Pen, Multi-Task Carry-All, or Mini Aluminum LED light with Key Clip.

Create a Housekeeping Photo Album. A few weeks before the event take photos of everyone on the Housekeeping Staff before the shifts start or during meal breaks. Employees who want to may also bring in photos from home showing themselves, family, friends, pets, and special occasions. Display photos in an album for all Housekeeping Staff to enjoy, show on a video screen in a facility area, or display on the facility’s intranet site.

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